Poet   Essayist   Playwright   Screenwriter
Wrestling with the Angel of Democracy

“Unique. . . fresh and probing. . .strikes at the very heart of America’s cruel paradoxes.
With a light yet devastating touch, Griffin charts our continued “wrestling” with democratic ideals — 
her incisive search for the soul of democracy stirs up pride, despair, and hope.” 
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A Pulitzer Finalist
Transforming Terror Remembering the Soul of the World, Edited by Karin Lofthus Carrington and Susan Griffin
"A bomb may kill hundreds  of people, but a book  can change millions — think  of  common  sense, Das Kapital,
Uncle Tom’s Cabin or the Gulag Archipelago. To that energizing company add  Transforming  Terror.
Actor, Author of Sleeping Where I Fall. 
I am offering a workshop in creative writing, on Friday, October 17 from 7-8:30 and Saturday, October 18th from noon to 4:00 pm. All genres and levels welcome. On Saturday we will spend a significant part of our time together time writing. To enroll or ask questions call me at 510-528 9296, send a message via Facebook or contact me directly.
Susan Griffin Creative Writing Workshop
October 2014